CEN Racing would like to introduce the all new Limited Edition CTR5.0.  This Race built nitro sedan features a massive 5.0cc high revving rear exhaust Corsa engine that features an easy to tune 2 needle slide carb. that provides an efficient and powerful power band.  The CTR5.0 comes Ready To Run and built with pro inspired upgrades such as carbon fiber upper deck, shock towers, and rear brace.  The easy to tune automatic 2 speed transmission rockets the CTR5.0 up to speeds in excess of 90mph out of the box!  The CTR5.0 is fully adjustable and comes standard with pro racing threaded shocks, aluminum pillow ball suspension and ultra smooth long lasting adjustable ball differentials.  This nitro sedan rides on ultra soft belted racing tires along with molded inserts to ensure grip on any surface.  The CTR5.0 comes standard with the Skyion FM Digital 3 channel racing radio and receiver, that has a 10 model memory and has fully adjustable features such as exponential, dual rate, end point adjustment, anti lock brakes and much more. 

  1. 2.5mm Carbon Fiber shock towers
  2. ˇ§Drag Zeroˇ¨ 16 ball adjustable ball differentials
  3. Hard anodized, Aluminum threaded shocks with 100% pure racing silicon oil
  4. Front and Rear CVS (Constant Velocity Shafts)
  5. Super low Center of Gravity to reduce traction rolls. All major components have been mounted as low as possible, including the front and rear differentials
  6. Front and side belt tension kits to reduce unwanted belt slope. Bright gold polished color wheels included in every kit
  7. Kit comes standard with adjustable lightweight 2-speed transmission. 2.5mm Carbon Fiber chassis Brace also shown in picture
  8. Revolutionary Pivot ball suspension for easiest and most dialed tuning
  9. Kit comes with 75cc racing fuel tank with CENˇ¦s exclusive diaphragm pump and internal stone filter that eliminates air leaks while providing easiest priming. Kit also includes an adopter to eliminate primer and become 100% racing style
  10. CT4R comes standard with extreme efficient 16 ball adjustable ball differentials for the front and the rear
  11. Standard vented metal brake disk for smoothest braking action
  12. CT4R comes standard with adjustable Centri-Force clutch system for optimum clutch engagement and performance
  13. High impact foam bumper to reduce damage in hard collisions. Carbon Fiber front shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions
  14. Adjustable rear toe-in to adjust to different traction conditions. Thick rear sway bar comes standard to handle the high traction conditions common when running foam tires

This state-of-the-art Rev-Line 5.0 cc Nitro Powered Engines is equipped with easy to tune two needle carburetor system; make it simple to find the ideal settings for your needs.  O-rings throughout provide a tight seal to keep dirt and debris out of your motor while preventing air leaks for maximum consistency.  Refined porting and induction timing enables this engine to provide your race cars with a blast of low-end power and super high RPM that will leave the competition in the dust.  
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G70431 Ni-Cd Battery (7.2v-1800mAh) 
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Skyion 2.4GHz Digital Radio

Features Specifications
  1. Super solid 3mm hard anodized aluminum chassis
  2. Race proven 3 belt drive system
  3. Adjustable light weight 2 speed transmission
  4. Carbon fiber upper chassis
  5. Carbon fiber rear chassis
  6. Carbon fiber front and rear shock towers
  7. Aluminum threaded oil filled shocks
  8. Front and rear externally adjustable 16 ball differentials
  9. Rebolutionary ultra light weight hinge pins
  10. Complete ball bearing
  11. Hard anodized aluminum pivot balls
  12. Cutting edge pivot ball suspension design
  13. CVS (constant velocity shafts) no all four corners
  14. Front and Rear .080 race style anti-roll bar
  15. Front and rear highly efficient belt restraint system
  16. Ultra low CG design
  17. Racing style 75cc fuel tank w/ built in stone filter
  18. Extremely stiff light weight racing wheels
  19. Super soft "V" tread tire included
  20. Adjustable down travel "droop"
  21. High impact foam bumper
  22. Vented metal brake disk for extremely smooth braking action
  23. Adjustable turn buckles
Four Wheel Drive (3 belt drive train)
Wheelbase: 260mm (10.24")
Width: 196mm (7.72")
Weight: 1900gm (67.8oz)
Ground Clearance: 8mm (0.31")
Tires: 26mm (1.02") x 65mm (2.56")

Type: Double deck aluminum/carbon fiber
Bottom Chassis: 3mm aluminum chassis
Upper Deck: 2mm carbon fiber plate

Drive Train
Type: 3 belts, 4-wheel drive
Transmission: Adjustable shift 2-speed
Differentials: 16 ball, ball differentials
Exhaust Manifold: Aluminum round port
Pipe: CEN 2 chambered aluminum racing pipe
Fuel Tank: 75cc tank w/ stone filter and removable primer
Belt Tension: Front and side, ball bearing belt tension kits
Ball Bearings: Full bearing

Suspension Type: Pivot ball
Shocks: Teflon coated, aluminum threaded
Camber: Adjustable front and rear
Caster: Adjustable
Toe-in: Adjustable front and rear
Down Stops: Fully adjustable front and rear
Anti-Roll Bars: Front and rear bars included