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OFNA Challenge - Win
Dirt Runners' Challenge - Matrix TQ / Win
R/C Pro Series East - TQ / Win
2006 USA Roar Nats - A-main Finalist
2006 2007 Florida Series - Matrix TQ /Win
2006 R/C Car Action Monster Madness- TQ / Win
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Type: Shaft-driven all-time 4WD with a center differential
Drive Shafts: Constant Velocity steel shafts.
Differentials: Sealed 6 gear ultra strong differentials. Silicone filled.
Clutch: Aluminum 3pc clutch system
Bearings: All sealed ball bearings
Type: Factory Race" CNC 7075 type "S Chassis
Radio Tray: lay-down steering servo
Braces: Front and Rear Factory Team CNC 7075 chassis Braces
Tuning Capabilities
Camber: Fully adjustable
Caster: 20 degree - 22 degree of caster
Front Toe in: Fully adjustable
Wheelbase: Adjustable
Front Kick-up: 4 or 5 degree
Rear anti-squat: 1 or 2 degree
Front down travel: Fully adjustable
Rear down travel: Fully adjustable
Ackermann: 3 positions
Length: 19inches / 485mm
Width: 12inches / 305mm
Wheelbase: 324mm-329mm
Pinion / spur: 13 / 46
Adjustable suspension: 6 hole option shock towers along with 2 hole arm mounting positions.
Shocks: Machined anodized aluminum, oil-filled coil over shocks with 3.5mm shock shafts, bladders, and silicone o-rings.

Choice of USA National Champions Andrew Smolnick, and Gene Hickerson

The Matrix Pro is CENís no holds barred approach to 1/8th scale buggy racing.  Everything that our factory could lighten and strengthen has been done.   Our three National Champion drivers, Jason Ashton, Andy Smolnik, and Gene Hickerson have refined the original Matrix C-1 and the result is the a masterpiece of CNC Aluminum, carbon fiber, and serious race engineering.

At the center of the Matrix Pro is a 3mm hard anodized chassis that has been machined throughout to reduce weight.  The Matrix Pro chassis is not only stronger than the rugged 7075 Chassis on the Matrix C-1 itís over 3 oz lighter as well!  Teamed with the stiff carbon radio tray, the Matrix Pro gains even more rigidity to ensure the Matrix Proís suspension does its job.

 Differentials are one of the biggest components to a car and to help maintain a low CG for razor sharp handling on the track, there are pockets machined on the Matrix Pro Chassis to lower the CG even further.  Notice the machined slots underneath the fuel tank, CEN Engineers even removed material from that low stress area to shave a few more extra grams.   Anywhere that our engineers could lighten they did, but all without compromising the performance of the Matrix Pro.

 Thick carbon fiber shock towers front and rear.  Carbon Fiber doesnít bend, so you wonít have to worry about your shock towers being tweaked or doing a hack job of bending your shock towers back in place.  Not only is Carbon Fiber strong, itís also lightweight, saving you a few more precious ounces.  Along with the carbon shock towers weíve even included a carbon center diff plate can carbon top plate for that factory ride look.

 In the market for new 1/8th scale buggy this season, pick up a Matrix Pro and drive your way to the top like the CEN Factory Team.

Carbon Fiber Radio Tray and Center Brace:
Very attractive Carbon fiber radio tray and center tray ad strength while lightening the buggy. Carbon Fiber lightens up the Factory Race Matrix without sacrificing strength.
Carbon Fiber Front / Rear Shock tower:
Lightweight Carbon Fiber Front shock tower comes standard on the Matrix Factory Kit. Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower lightens up the Factory Race Matrix without sacrificing strength.
 Carbon Fiber Front top plate:
Carbon Fiber front top plate lightens the Matrix Factory Race kit without sacrificing strength Carbon Fiber lightens up the Factory Race Matrix without sacrificing strength.

CEN Racing is releasing new and improved cross pin differentials in their kits and RTR for added stability.  These new differentials provide more traction off power along with more stability on loose conditions.  The new differential system is extremely smooth and very effective for increased performance! The suspension geometry is fully adjustable and offers superior handling in any conditions. The Matrix is designed for maximum stability and smoother weight distribution.  The Matrix is the most stable buggy around the turn and in the air. Shocks construction: Large 16.5 mm aluminum shock bodies provide extremely plush suspension that soaks up the ruts and bumps. Big Bore Shocks with 14mm width pistons and extremely durable 3.5mm shock shafts.

CNC 7075 Chassis Brace:
CNC 7075 Aluminum Machined Chassis Stiffeners are included in anodized red to add strength and stiffen up the Chassis. 7075 Machined Chassis Brace adds durability to the chassis while making it more rigid for racing purposes.
CNC 7075 Steel Main T46 Gear
The CNC Steel Spur is not only extremely durable, but has been milled to lighten it up. The lighter spur gear reduces the rotating mass which greatly affects the efficiency of the drive train.
New lightweight CNC aluminum Clutch shoes and 1.1mm Clutch Spring:
standard on Factory Race edition. These shoes grab the clutch bell with extreme grip, which allows the buggy to take off on command. CNC aluminum shoes last longer and deliver bottom end clutch power for racing purposes
T13 Machined Steel clutch bell:
standard on Factory Race edition. Vented to keep the clutch cool and allow debris to exit. Extreme durable and performance guarantee.
Captured Hinge pins: The Matrix uses a captured hinge pin that reduces the use of e clips while offering a smooth and effective suspension CNC 7075 Front  / Rear suspension block:
The Matrix Factory Race kit comes with an ultra strong CNC front suspension block in anodized red.

4 disc metal brake system.  This new system stops the lighting fast Matrix on a dime. Features include vented brake discs along with fully adjustable front and rear brake controls. Matrix is the only truggy in the market with front/rear adjustable brakes Extremely Durable:
The Matrix Factory Kit Edition was designed to perform while offering durability like no other buggy on the market. The first thing that comes to mind when seeing the Matrix is durability, then once you \drive the Matrix Factory Kit Edition you will feel the CENsation of performance.
Front polished aluminum C hub design with maximum steering throw. 
  • Factory Race CNC 7075 Hard anodized machined lightweight, ultra low CG Chassis
  • Factory Race Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower
  • Factory Race Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower
  • Factory Race Carbon Fiber Radio Tray
  • Factory Race Carbon Fiber Front Brace
  • Factory Race Carbon Fiber Center Brace
  • Completely tunable from down-travel to wheel base
  • Factory Race CNC 7075 Aluminum Chassis Braces front and rear
  • Factory Race CNC 7075 Aluminum front lower suspension block
  • Fully adjustable suspension w/ 3.5mm shock shafts
  • Factory Race CNC 7075 Aluminum rear lower suspension block
  • Factory Race CNC 7075 Aluminum clutch shoes
  • Ultra beefy Tie Rod ends for durability
  • 4 disc metal brake system
  • Low profile radio tray for low CG
  • Fully adjustable down travel
  • Captured rear hinge pins, no e clips needed
  • Front and Rear sway bars
  • Low Center of Gravity for racing purposes
  • Splash resistant fuel tank with added splash guard
  • Designed to perform in all racing conditions
  • Fully equipped with durable ball bearings
  • Smooth action racing shocks with bladders
  • Factory Race CNC 7075 Steel Main Gear