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Magnum NX

With features such as a one piece low CG Chassis, recoil started NX 3.0 .18ci high power nitro engine, long travel oil filled shocks,  full ball bearings,  the MT-Spec 3.0 is loaded with features that allows it to dominate its competition with ease! This Ready To Run Monster Truck is more than just eye catching and loaded with race inspired features, itís at the top of its game!

The reliable and efficient shaft driven 4WD system combined with a 2 speed automatic transmission gives you over 45 mph excitement out of the box. But, not only can the MT- Spec 3.0 get up and go, with its powerful disc brake, that 45mph ballistic run can be brought to a screeching halt.  

Donít worry about when the fun will end! The MT-Spec 3.0 is equipped with a 125cc fuel tank to provide over 10 minutes of R/C fun.  If youíre looking for your next RC Monster Truck, look no further, the CEN MT-Spec 3.0 fits the bill.

Magnum NX Length Wheel Base Width Clearance Weight
9250 435mm 355mm 299mm 60mm 3kg (6.6lb)

Video provided by R/C Universe

Top Plate Support Brace
The backbone to the rigid design of the Magnum is the top plate support brace which strengthens the entire chassis, taking away all unwanted flex in the chassis.

             Powered by NX 3.0
This engine is specifically designed and engineered with the monster truck in mind.  NX 3.0 Engine pumps out massive power over the 25000 RPM range.  Combined with a highflow aluminum manifold and special composite tuned pipe.  Magnum NX reaches 45+mph in no time, making it one of the fastest MT in the market. 

2 Speed Transmission
The Magnum NX comes with an automatic adjustable two speed transmission which pushes the truck to its limits from 1st to 2nd gear!

- Skyion DX-Pro Digital Radio
The DX-Pro provides a digital experience like no other.  With functions ranging from digital dual rate to 10 model memory, the Skyion radio system gives you an R/C experience that is sure to intensify your senses.

Shaft Drive Train
The Magnum NX's center shaft drive train transfers power instantly. The center shaft drive train system eliminates drag so that more power is transferred to the wheels.
144oz high torque servos for both steering and throttle are included. Those high torque servos are made of high qualify aluminum internal gears support by ball bearings. You will never need to spend $200 to upgrade your servos

Full Ball Bearings
Included throughout the Magnum NX are the extremely smooth ball bearings by CEN Racing. These bearings are built to last while offering an extremely smooth drivetrain.
Low CG Laydown Steering servo
The steering servo is mounted directly onto the chassis which provides a much lower center of gravity and increases steering efficiency.

CVS (Constant Velocity Shafts)
The Magnum NX comes with front Constant Velocity Shafts that transfers power from the NX 3.0 engine to the wheels with efficiency while offering durability.
Pivot Ball Suspension
Pivot ball suspension allows for diverse tunability ranging from camber to caster. Tuning your car for different terrains becomes second nature with the extremely smooth pivot ball suspension.

  • Dual chamber tuned pipe with with high flow manifold
  • Super heavy duty adjustable rear toe-in rods
  • 4 wheel braking
  • 125cc fuel tanks with fuel filter
  • High performance teflon clutch shoes
  • Oil filled coil over shocks
  • Super hardened ring and pinions gears
  • Sealed radio and battery box
One Piece Countersunk Chassis
The one piece rigid chassis is completely countersunk and is equipped with front kick up for better handling.